7 hours of total adventure with lunch, dinner and overnight stay included!

On board our quads you will spend an entire day immersed in nature and adventure.
In the tranquillity of our woods you can cross from the Valdarno to Valdichiana  valleys until arriving at the Pratomagno mountains. During the excursion it isn’t difficult to encounter our fauna, including wild boar, deer, pheasants and other birds that will surely make the experience even better.

Around half way through the excursion we will take a break at an agriturismo where you will be able to taste local food produce and our Chianti wine.

After lunch, even though full of food and wine, we will continue the trip until returning to the base at the end of the day; knowing that you’ve spent a unique and unforgettable day. A day you will be able to revisit in the video that you’ll receive after the trip, with all of the best pictures from the day.


The excursion is for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 quads (12 people).
Each quad carries a driver and a passenger. For larger parties please call 3357810988.

The excursion lasts 6/7 hours (70/90 km) and apart from food and wine tastings includes lunch or dinner with overnight stay and breakfast the following morning.


9:00 AM arrival at the base in Via Nazionale 84, Pergine Valdarno short briefing and retrieval of the information pack
trial run in a safe area to get confident with the quads

9:30 AM departure

1:00 PM off-road arrival at the agriturismo

2:30 / 3:00 PM departure for the second half of the excursion

6:00 PM arrival at destination for dinner and overnight stay

**Excursion with evening arrival

The Montelucci excursion can also be organized for an evening arrival, in which case your adventure will begin with dinner and an overnight stay and will finish at the end of the next day in the same way as shown above.

** Times are approximate and to be agreed upon before leaving.

PRICES: Driver € 330.00 – Passenger € 170.00